The Message, a short novel by Yan Vana, follows an Inquiry into the wanton destruction of a protected nature reserve. The first witnesses give evidence of the extent of the damage and later witnesses identify those responsible. As the plot unfolds it becomes apparent that the Nature Reserve is Earth and that the Inquiry is being undertaken by regulators from other galaxies who have responsibility for the protection of reserves throughout the Cosmos.


Although it is a novel, The Message is a surprisingly comprehensive summary of the problems of overpopulation. It brings most of the available knowledge together but does so in a readable way. What makes it unique is that it is written not from man’s point of view, but from that of the other occupants of our planet.

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If you think the answer is a low energy lightbulb and growing corn to make oil, please have a read

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This book tackles the very serious problem of human population but it is most unusual and interesting because it does so as a science fiction novel 

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This is a fascinating and clever attempt to address serious issues in a readable manner 

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Utilising an outsiders perspective, the author presents the dangerous trajectory on which carelessness and apathy have set our planet 

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This is a quietly amazing book, it is a mixture of fantasy, science fiction and romance but at the same time it is making the reader look at the way we live with completely fresh eyes. You may not find it comfortable but you should certainly read it

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